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Places to go to entertain the adults


Chateau Rambures Picardie

With a Castle, Rose garden and themed entertainment, you can wonder round here for hours.

The Estate has been in the same family since the beginning (11th century), includes a castle, a jewel of 15th century military architecture classified as a Historic Monument since 1840. 


AS well as 18th century outbuildings, a woodshed, a chapel, a park romantic and its collection of roses, all listed in the Supplementary Inventory of Historic Monuments, as well as a large part of the furniture.


Château de Rambures - 8, rue du Château 80140 Rambures

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Gamaches Plein Air

Here have a 50 hectare lake for various water or land activities...

Their activities include:

  • Canoe

  • Kayak

  • Big Sup

  • mountain bike

  • Archery

  • Pedalo

  • Stand Up Paddle

  • speed ball


Chem. des Meuniers, 80220 Gamaches

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Chateaus and Cathedrals

We are located in a region where historic buildings are plentiful. Chateau d'Eu stands beautifully in this pretty town, while the Amiens Cathedral is the largest gothic structure in France. Rouen is a wonderful day out with the most amazing cathedral. The city centre is full of great bars and restaurants. 

Amiens Cathedral

The largest Gothic church in France!

On the site of the previous cathedral, which suffered from a fire in 1218, the architect Robert de Luzarches proposed an ambitious project for which Bishop Évrard de Fouilloy laid the first stone two years later. The proportions of the building are indeed gigantic: 145 meters long and 42.30 meters high. The interior space is estimated at 200,000 cubic meters, more than double that of Notre Dame de Paris!

Started at the crossing of the transept in 1220, the structural work was completed less than fifty years later, in 1269, and the framework was laid between 1284 and 1305.


Cathédrale Notre-Dame d'Amiens, 30 Place Notre Dame, 80000 Amiens, 

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This award-winning village is simply beautiful with half-timbered houses and a covered market on Sundays. Its often describes as an architecture gem!

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This is one not to be missed,  with historic buildings to admire, a swimming pool, casino, spa and large forest with walking trails; it's one of our favourite places

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