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These Luxury Wax Melts are home made, on site at Coeur De La Vallee. Did you know the damson or damson plum, also archaically called the "damascene", is an edible fruit and a subspecies of the plum tree. The damson plum has the distinction of existing virtually unaltered for thousands of years. Its seeds have been found in prehistoric dwellings. It appears in ancient Mesopotamian records and is the plum of the ancient Greek poets. It took its name from Damascus. From there, it was taken to Italy and then to the rest of Europe where it now grows wild and in home orchards.


Damson Plum, Rose & Patchouli- Opulent fruity notes of plum, cassis and rich dark berries indulged in decadent spices of cinnamon and clove. Glamourous floral accords of jasmine and rose are surrounded by sweet patchouli, sensual vanilla and moss to complete this sophisticated fragrance.


Damson Plum, Rose & Patchouli Luxury Wax Melt

  • Our heart shaped waxmelts are crafetd from a Kerasoy wax Pillar blend.  We are proud to say it is biodegradable and vegan friendly :)

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